Wine Dinner

Once a month we host a lovely wine pairing dinner, complete with our chef's excellent selection of mouth-watering dishes to accompany an array of delicious wines.

Brunello di Montalcino
We invite you to join us as we explore the splendor of Fattoria dei Barbi. Jason Blanford of Pasternak Imports will guide us as we explore these wonderful wines and enjoy fabulous Italian dishes from Chef John Boudouvas' kitchen.

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Wine of the Month

Last month we featured CAPEZZANO. A bold red from the vineyards of Tuscany. This wine goes best with a pork or chicken dish like Maiale con Rapini e Prosciutto and MANDRAROSSO from Fiano, Italy. A light yet crisp white wine that is sure to please the palette especially when accompanied with Cozze alla Zaferano con Arance

Our Wine List

Reds by the Glass

  • CHIANTI Ruffino Superior, Tuscany $8
  • DOLCETTO d’ Alba Rocche Costamagna, Piemonte $8
  • MONTEPULCIANO d’ Abruzzo Masciarelli, Italy $7
  • MERLOT La Prendina Garda, Italy $9
  • PINOT NOIR Principato, Italy $6
  • ROSSO ‘Drunken Goose’ Oca Ciuca, Tuscany $8
  • SYRAH Cusumano, Sicily $8

Reds by the Bottle

  • SANGIOVESE Caldora, Tuscany $30
  • CHIANTI Ruffino Superior, Tuscany $32
  • DOLCETTO Rocche Cotamagna, Peimonte $32
  • PINOT NOIR Principato, Italy $24
  • MONTEPULCIANO d’ Abbruzzo, Masciarelli, Italy $28
  • ROSSO Piceno Saladini, Italy $36
  • ROSSO ‘Drunken Goose’ Oca Ciuca, Tuscany $32
  • BARBERA d’ Asti Blina, Piemonte $32
  • CAPEZZANO Barco Real, Tuscany $35
  • BORDOLINO Folinari, Veneto $30
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON Villa Pozzi, Sicily $32
  • MERLOT La Prendina Garda, Italy $36
  • SYRAH Cusumano, Sicily $32
  • SUPER TUSCAN Ruffino ‘Modus,’ Tuscany $54

Whites by the Glass

  • PROSECCO Canaletto, Veneto$8
  • MOSCATO d’ Asti Umberto Fiore, Italy$8
  • SOAVE Strele Colli Scaligeri, Italy$7
  • CHARDONNAY Ruffino Libaio, Italy $8
  • PINOT GRIGIO Antera, Italy$6

Whites by the Bottle

  • PINOT GRIGIO Antera, Italy $23
  • PINOT GRIGIO Rocca, Italy $26
  • PINOT BIANCO Lageder, Trentino $30
  • SOAVE Strele Colli Scallgeri, Italy $28
  • MANDRAROSSO Fiano, Italy $28
  • SAUVIGNON BLANC Borgo Conventi, Collio $32
  • CHARDONNAY Ruffino Libaio, Italy $32
  • ORVIETO Bigi, Italy $28
  • PROSECCO Canaletto, Veneto $32
  • MOSCATO d’Asti Umberto Fiore, Italy $32

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